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Operation Move-In is the official start of the fall semester at e世博esball. 这是一个激动人心的时刻,因为e世博esball期待着欢迎学生,并准备开始新学年. 2019冠状病毒病大流行期间,公众健康和安全的主要责任是共同责任.

所有的学生, families and guests are asked to comply with the policies, 旨在支持e世博esball大学社区中每个人的整体健康和福祉的程序和协议. Protecting our most vulnerable populations (e.g., 医学上敏感, 非传统, 老, 和无家可归的学生)是整个塔斯基吉社区的道德和伦理义务. 

We’re so excited that you have joined the Golden Tiger Family!! Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, e世博esball已经决定通过虚拟在线体验来举办e世博esball的新入学和转学指导课程. 大学承诺为你提供个性化的服务,就像你亲自参加迎新会一样. 

Orientation programs are designed to welcome new students, 父母, and families to the e世博esball community. e世博esball精心策划了课程,提供了e世博esball生活的各种视角, 除了为您提供对学生有帮助的资源和信息之外, 父母, and families during the first year of your university experience.  

Classes begin Monday, August 22, 2022.

  欲了解更多信息,请致电学生生活与发展办公室,电话:334-727-8155或发送电子邮件  orientation@塔斯基吉.edue世博esball很乐意帮助您.

 It's a Great Day to be a Golden Tiger!

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The Start of the 2022 Fall Semester is Around the Corner! Residence halls open for the Fall semester on August 16-17, 2022. 大厅将在上午8:30开放.m. – 6:00 pm. 入住将在几天内进行,以确保遵守身体/社交距离. 在指定到达时间之前,学生不能入住宿舍. 如果您在到达时间之前到达,e世博esball将要求您在指定的时间返回.

Returning to residence halls will be based on the first letter of your last name. 如果连字符,您的返回将基于您的名字的第一个字母和第一部分. Example Blake-Scott will move in based on the letter group “B”.

新 & 转学生入学


姓名:a -




n - z姓氏:




The check-in process will be a curbside check-in. 居民只能乘坐两辆车,e世博esball不允许货车和/或拖车. 另外, e世博esball要求所有的住院医生将携带的人数限制在2-3人以内.

抵达校园后, 学生将直接前往宿舍楼内指定的集中报到地点. 入住人员将在指定到达时间内驱车前往指定的入住地点. 住客将向工作人员出示带照片的身份证,并提供姓名、宿舍和房间号. 

如果财务状况良好,且新冠病毒检测呈阴性,学生将被允许入住. After unloading, please follow the signage for parking your vehicle.


Volunteers will be helping new students move into their residence halls. All will be required to wear a mask and gloves to ensure everyone stays safe. 

到来 & 卸货

Students will unload items immediately. 居民可以把他们的物品放在路边,同时把他们的车辆从卸货区转移到他们指定的停车场. If a resident has other people with them, e世博esball建议让一个人在居民或其他人拿着他们的东西等着的时候搬动汽车. 另外, 工作人员 will be monitoring the unloading zones. We highly encourage residents to pack light.


e世博esball要求所有的学生, 教师, 工作人员, 2022年秋季学期返校的咨询师(定期在校)和第三方供应商提供COVID-19 PCR检测结果阴性的证明 reportcovid19@塔斯基吉.edu by prior to move in and/or attending class on August 22, 2022.

所有的学生, 教师, 工作人员, 2022年秋季学期返回校园的顾问(经常在校园)和第三方供应商必须在抵达校园之前提供COVID-19 PCR检测结果为阴性的证明. We do not accept rapid COVID-19 tests, 抗原或抗体测试, or vaccination cards in lieu of the negative COVID-19 test. Students who have tested negative for COVID-19 and have submitted documentation to 学生健康 Services will be permitted to move into on campus housing; participate in classes and campus activities; and enter all other campus and university facilities. For clarification, please see testing and submission dates below. ·

If arriving August 12, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 5, 2022. ·

If arriving August 15, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 8, 2022. ·

If arriving August 16, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 9, 2022. ·

If arriving August 17, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 10, 2022. ·

If arriving August 18, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 11, 2022. ·

If arriving August 19, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 12, 2022. ·

If arriving August 22, submit COVID-19 PCR Test by August 15, 2022.

请将COVID-19 PCR检测结果呈阴性*提交至学生健康服务部,邮箱为reportcovid19@塔斯基吉.edu. 你还应该在手机里准备一份方便获取的副本,以防你的名字没有出现在“可以入住”的名单上.

如果我的检测结果呈阳性怎么办? If your student tests positive for COVID-19, please call the 学生健康中心 at (334) 727-8646 for instructions. *父母/families do not need to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test. We request that you remain home if you are symptomatic or not feeling well.


学生必须在经济上获得许可,才能入住宿舍、公寓和上课. 财务清理意味着你欠的钱不超过500美元,或者你必须加入学费管理系统的学费支付计划.

All individuals who are not financially cleared must check in at Chappie James Hall. Only the student and one parent/guardian will be permitted to enter Chappie James. 阅读更多 http://www.slswins.com/bursar.

TBA  is the Last day for students to claim housing assignments. We will reassign unclaimed housing to students on the waitlist on TBA.


In order to safeguard the campus and reduce potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are continuing to require all new and returning students (undergraduate, 研究生和兽医学, 教师, 工作人员, 顾问(定期在校)和第三方供应商为2022年秋季学期提供COVID-19 PCR检测结果阴性的证明. 学生必须在抵达或返校前将新冠病毒PCR检测呈阴性提交到reportcovid19@塔斯基吉.edu.

Rapid Molecular or PCR Tests are the ONLY forms of tests that are accepted. 一个快速测试, 抗原或抗体测试, 及/或疫苗接种卡将不能满足入境或再入境测试的要求.


We are expecting high temperatures and humidity. 塔斯基吉当地校友会将在校园的各个位置提供水站,帮助e世博esball的学生和家人保持凉爽.  


如果学生计划在本学期在校园内停放车辆,必须向e世博esball警察局登记个人车辆. The fee to register a vehicle is $75.00, and can be paid online or at the 财务主管’s Office. Students can pick-up the vehicle parking pass in Chappie James at the time of arrival. 


信息技术办公室已经实施了一项获取您的工号的新流程. 请点击下面的链接. 新 Students: Upload photos to http://mytuphoto.slswins.com. Students can pick-up the student ID in Chappie James at the time of arrival. 


We will provide 航天飞机服务 to and from The Connections and University Terrace. The 航天飞机服务 is run by CSI Ground Transportation, 营业时间是早上7点到7点半,最后一班在晚上8点. The service will begin with Dinner on TBA. We will monitor the first two weeks to finalize the transportation schedule. 

父 & 家庭招待会

父母 & 全家欢迎会将于逢年月日举行. e世博esball鼓励教职员工和行政人员走出来欢迎e世博esball的父母和家人.


The University Ambassadors will offer move-in day tours to 父母, families and students who desire to visit or experience the campus on TBA. 旅游时间待定. We will update and share via email and post signs around campus. 


金虎新生迎新计划将于8月16日至8月21日继续开展一系列活动, 2022. Incoming students new and transfer students will participate in a host of activities. 





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